The London Borough of Brent is London borough in the north-west of London, and forms part of Outer London. The major areas are Wembley, Kilburn, Willesden, Harlesden and Neasden. The local authority is widely known as the most diverse borough in London and one of the most diverse boroughs in the UK as a whole. On 27 February 2018, Brent was awarded the title of London Borough of Culture 2020, receiving funding under a new initiative launched by the Mayor of London.

Brent is a borough characterised by change. It is a place where new communities have settled and thrived, regularly adding to its distinctive diversity, and this continues today. Regeneration is also changing the face of the borough, in Wembley, South Kilburn, Alperton, Harlesden, Church End, and elsewhere. The borough is also growing rapidly, currently having a population of around 335,000 residents today, which is projected to increase to almost 350,000 by 2023, and over 375,000 by 2030.

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