Since it was created, we have worked hard to make Brent what it is today.

From urban sprawl to national landmarks, Brent is a vibrant borough where people speaking over 100 different languages are happy to live side by side.

Brent are proud to be the London Borough of Culture for 2020. Our bid is built around young people, and reflects how Brent has been more culturally diverse – for longer – than any other London Borough.

It’s a place that is always changing and being a success means that more and more people want to live here.

With growing families, rising house prices across London and lots of people moving into the borough from other areas, more than 17,000 new people will settle in our borough by the year 2020 and they will all need a place to live.

This, along with people living longer with more complex health conditions, means that there will be an unprecedented level of demand for our services.

What makes things even more challenging is that over the same time, the money that we receive from central government will be cut in half and with business rates becoming a bigger part of how we raise money, it’s important that Brent keeps its reputation as an exciting place for companies to invest and a great place for people to live.

This is a massive challenge and to survive we have to make some big changes.

Brent 2020 is our vision for Brent which sets out five priority areas to meet this challenge which will also have a significant impact in improving local people's opportunities and life chances:

  • Regeneration – to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions in the Borough
  • Employment and skills – to respond to the increase in the working age population and lift people out of poverty and welfare dependency
  • Business and housing growth – to maximise the tax base to support the delivery of core service
  • Demand management – to manage the pressure on needs-led budgets such as children's social care, adult social care and homelessness
  • Raising income – to support the delivery of core services

All of the money we raise goes into providing services, so it makes sense for us to think more like a business and make the most of the things we have.

We have already started using our buildings to bring in extra income. We are also partnering with companies that share our values and can help us to raise money and offer people some convenient added extras above and beyond what a council can usually provide.

We are finding ways to increase work prospects by helping people to train and get the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty, and by looking at our services through the eyes of our residents, we are finding ways to make them better and more cost effective.

Keeping track of what people need and what is working for them means that we can quickly end the things that aren’t and put more time and money into the things that are.

Last, but not least, by giving everyone who wants a chance to make a difference, we will make the most of our best asset – the passionate people of Brent.

We believe in the people that live and work here and that whatever happens, we will rise to the challenge to get the job done, because we believe in building a better Brent, together.