Welcome and thank you for your interest. This site provides information on the roles of Assistant Chief Executive, Head of Revenues and Debt and Head of Customer Access

Our new Assistant Chief Executive will be at the heart of a council which is truly ambitious for its communities and its place. They will sit on our Council Management team and work closely with me, with other senior colleagues and Councillors to deliver on the Borough Plan.

The present post holder has recently been promoted to a Strategic Director post within the Council so we are now seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Council to take forward a very demanding agenda.

The post will require you to engage with the local community and strategic partners across a wide range of issues. Some of these will be challenging and require an individual with significant empathy and well-tried diplomatic skills.

You will also provide advice and support to Elected Members and have overall responsibility for elections. You will be the go to person for members who want matters sorted.

As a member of our Council Management Team you will be involved in officer decision making at the highest level.

As a key member of my team you will work closely with me on the development of Council Policy and from time to time be required to support me to manage sensitive issues outside of the normal remit of the post.

You will have the opportunity to develop your skills managing the ‘Political interface’ of a high performing London Borough as it addresses significant local issues.

This is a council that prioritises people whether they be residents or staff. Our culture is open, transparent and friendly....we want you to be that too!

This is genuinely a role that will offer excellent all round experience for an individual who themselves aspires, one day, to be a Chief Executive.

I look forward to receiving your application.


Carolyn Downs
Chief Executive, Brent Council


Welcome letter Head of Revenues and Debt and Head of Customer Access

Brent is a borough characterised by change. It is a place where new communities have always settled, regularly adding to its distinctive diversity, and this continues today. Regeneration is also changing the face of the borough, in Wembley, South Kilburn, Alperton, Harlesden, Church End, and elsewhere. And we are growing - around 335,000 residents today, projected to increase to almost 350,000 by 2023, and over 375,000 by 2030.

Our residents are living longer too – the number of residents aged 65 and over will increase by 15% over the lifetime of this Plan, and by 41% by 2030. This is to be celebrated, as advances in medical care give people more years with their families. However, a growing and ageing population poses real challenges for the council in ensuring services for those that need them. For example, more people now require social care. Their needs are becoming more complex, and therefore more expensive to meet.

At the same time our resources are also changing - and not for the better. Nationally, councils have lost 63% of their funding from the government since 2010, and in Brent we have had to save £164 million. This will continue - we are required to make significant further savings over the next four years and beyond. The Revenues and Debt service plays a critical role in managing our challenging financial position for the future and we want to ensure our approach to maximising collection and debt recovery is tailored to meet the differing needs of our community, with a robust approach to those who won’t pay but also appropriate advice and assistance to those who can’t pay.

It is within this challenging context that the council has set out a vision for 2023 in our Borough Plan. Achieving it will require us to focus on the things that matter most and where we can make a real difference to the lives of our residents. We will need to continue to explore and innovate, using our resources in the most effective way, and securing the services that people need. This will mean working closely with partners, ensuring that the best use is made of all our means.

We are at the forefront of a digital revolution, which is transforming how people interact and their expectations for accessing information and services. Our new Customer Access strategy is being implemented to ensure that our residents can become self-sufficient in managing their interactions with the Council and that we provide digital assistance to those who can self-serve with help. Over the next four years we are will build resilient communities through our community hub model - a prime example of how we want to address the needs of our residents earlier. We will do this, in a joined-up way, grounded in the neighbourhoods where people live.

The newly formed Customer and Digital Services Directorate will be at the forefront of Brent’s transformation programme. If you are passionate about achieving excellence and constantly finding new and innovative ways of doing things, we can offer you a significant opportunity to shape the future of Brent and share our success.

By working together, we can all help Build a Better Brent.

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